Rules & Regulation

Amended upto April, 2006

In pursuance of Section 27 Sub-Section 3 (a) of the Constitution of Amar Singh Club, Jammu, the Executive Committee here by makes the following rules.
1. Patron His Excellency, the Governor of Jammu & Kashmir
2. President Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir
3. Short Title and Commencement (i) This constitution may be called the constitution of Amar Singh Club, Jammu (Regd.) 1993 read with amendments there-to from time to time ending March 2006 (AGM held on 29th April 2006). (ii) It shall come into force on the day it is passed by the General Body of the Club.
4. Name of the Club The name of the Club shall be AMAR SINGH CLUB JAMMU (Regd.) (Here in after referred to as the Club) which is a society registered under the J&K Societies Registration. Act. (3I42/RS/3527 dated 20-1-1987 w.e.f. 12-1.1987). The Secretary of the Club shall be the Principal Executive and the Club may sue or be sued in the name of the Secretary, Amar Singh Club, Jammu.
5. Registered Office The Registered office of the Club shall be at Jammu.
7. Jurisdiction In case of any dispute or claim arising in connection with the Management, Election, appointment of various committees/ Sub committees, accounts and all other allied matters, Courts at Jammu alone shall have jurisdiction.
8. Aims and Objectives I) To enrol Members in accordance with the provisions made in this constitution. ii) To provide special recreational and sports facilities to its Members and their families. iii) To provide a forum for get-together and informal exchange of ideas between its Members and their families, iv) To arrange special programmes, cultural, literary and sports events, v) To undertake relief measures and collect donation for distribution amongst victims of calamities. vi) To undrtake such other charitable and social programmes as are considered suitable and appropriate by the Executive Committee.
9. Classes of Members There shall be following classes of members: i) Life members. ii) Permanent Members. iii) Honorary Members iv) Temporary Members v) Reciprocal Member vi) Short Term Members vii) Corporate Members.
10. Defination In the constitution unless the context otherwise requires:
a "Absentee member" means such permanent member of the Club who remains out of Jammu for a minimum period of six Calendar month continuously.
b "Family" shall mean the spouse, sons below the age of 29, unmarried daughters, parents of the member and in case of deceased son, daughters-in-law and their children.
c "General Body" means and comprises the body of all permanent members of the Club who are not in arrears.
d "Honorary Member" means such member of the Club who is exempted from payment of admission fee and Club subscription under these rules.
e "In Arrears" means non payment by a member of any amount due to the Club from such member for such a bill pertaining to the previous month presented to him for its payment.
f "Permanent member" means a member who is admitted as such under the provisions of the constitution
g "Resident" means a person engaged in any recognised profession, business or trade who has his permanent domicile in the local area and also resides there ordinarily.
h "Temporary Member" means such member of the Club who is enrolled under the constitution as such for a period one month or less at a time, but not exceeding 2 months in a calendar year on different times.
i "Reciprocal member" means a person who is a permanent member of any Club with which reciprocal arrangement exists for providing all or any of the facilities of the Club.
j "Short term member" means any person eligible for membership under this constitution who ordinarily resides outside the State of Jammu & Kashmir but is residing in Jammu City only for the purpose of his service, business or profession, Provided that the total strength of the short term membership shall not exceed 5% of the total membership of the Club.
k "Corporate Members" shall mean Public Sector Undertakings & limited companies of repute notified by the Executive Committee from time to time which may be considered for admission in this category with one to three of their senior officials to be nominated for using the club facilities, Provided that the fees for Corporate Membership for three nominated officials shall be Rs. 2,00,000/- and for up to two nominated officials it shall be Rs. 150,000/- or as may be decided by the Executive Committee from time to time. The monthly club subscription shall have to be borne by the Corporate Members as per the governing club norms. Provided further that the Corporate Membership shall be allowed to companies for a period of five years only at one time. The Officer should not be below the rank of Regional Manager/Area Heads.
11. Club Hours
a The club shall remain open from I I AM to I 1.00 PM with break from 3.00 PM to 6 PM on working days and from 4 PM. To 6 PM on Sundays and Holidays
b The Secretary on being requested may permit the club to remain open upto 12 PM in the night on special occasions like Deepawali, Eid, Gurpurab, Maha Shivatri, Independence Day, Republic Day, or other festivals
c On Contributory dinner nights the club may remain open till mid-night
12. Cheques Payment to the club may be made either in cash or by cheques by the permanent members of the club but no payment by cheques be accepted from temporary members
13. Unclaimed Property

A list of the unclaimed property found in the club premises shall be kept in the club office and registered in a register which shall be open to inspection of members. All articles so found and not claimed by any person after one month of their recovery shall be auctioned and the proceeds shall be used for the benefit of the club

ii The club is not responsible for the articles left with the servants or lost in the Club
14. Removal No member shall remove from the club premises any article or the property of the club, without the permission of the Secretary
15. Breakage Club crockery, glassware, furniture, etc. broken otherwise than by incident, shall be charged upto two times of its cost price. Vouchers for such damages shall be sent to the member concerned for payment. This shall apply to club employees too
16. Complaints

All complaints and suggestions shall be made in the respective book provided for that purpose or the same may be forwarded directly to the secretary in writing

ii if the complaint is of serious hature the Secretary will immediately look into the matter and take such action as he deems fit under the circumstance and report his finding and action taken to the Executive Committee in its next meeting. In all other cases the investigation with regard to complaints suggestions shall be made by the Secretary in due course who shall submit his report to the Executive Committee.
iii The decision taken by the executive Committee shall be conveyed to the person making suggestion or complaint in writing in case the member has written to the Secretary and in all other cases shall be recorded in the complaint or the suggestion book as the case may be
17. Servants
a Neither any member shall interfere in any manner in the working of servants of the club nor shall he/she strike, abuse, insult or in any other way punish any of the servants or any other member of the staff,
b No member shall give any money or tip to club servants nor shall any servant of the club receive the same.
c No member shall without the previous permission of the Secretary depute any member of the staff outside the club premises on personal errands.
18. Reading Room
a Members may use the Reading Room for purpose of going through newspapers, magazine and periodicals
b Members shall make such use in complete silence without disturbance to any other member in the Reading Room;
c No newspaper of ournal shall be removed from the Reading Room to any other room in the Club
d No newspaper of date or running magazine may be issued to any member;
e Newspaper, magazine not of the current date may be issued to a member on their applications to the Secretary on charge of 50 paisa per day per magazine and 10 paisa per newspaper.
19. Library Every member of the club shall be entitled to make use of all the books including the references books in the library but reference books shall not be issued to any member
a Every member shall be entitled to borrow one book at a time and same number of magazines or journals which shall be returned by him within one week from the date of issue and may be re-issued after that period for another one week unless the book has been demanded by any other member;
b Member borrowing books from the library shall be charged Rs. 10/- per month. In case of non return of books by the members so borrowing, the member shall be liable to pay an extra charge of 50 paisa per day per book. I n case of damage to or loss of book or magazi ne he will pay two times the cost in the case of books borrowed and the actual cost in respect of the magazine or journals or as the Secretary may decide;
c Books, magazines or newspapers shall not be issued to any temporary member except on the condition that he deposits an amount double the price of the book with the Secretary.
20. Notice No Notice or any other information shall be put on the Club Notice Board unless signed by the Secretary or the Chairperson of the respective sub-committee or the returning officer for the election process.
21. Children No Children below the age of 15 shall be allowed in the club premises except the children corner. Children accompanying their parents may visit the restaurant, party rooms, family lounge and the sports facilities.
22. Catering No member shall bring or cause to be brought any article of consumption in the club for his or for the use of his guests.
a The catering section of the club shall remain open during the club hours with break from 3.00 PM. To 6 PM in summer, 3.00 PM to 5 PM in winter and 4 PM. To 6 PM on Holidays. No order of supply of provisions from this section shall be entertained duringthese hours;
b A member intending to host a party in t6th club must personally contact the Secretary and inform him in writing about the number of guests and the menu at least two days before the date of the party.
c The Secretary shall in consultation with the caterer fix the charges per head at the rates as may be prevalent from time to time in the Club and may demand from the member so hosting a party to pay in advance an amount not less than 2/3 of the total amount. The remaining I/3rd shall be payable immediately on presentation of the bill;

The member shall be liable to make payment for the number of guests he had ordered not with standing the fact that lesser number of guests had joined the party;

e i) The Club shall charge extra for guests attending parties as per the rates prevalent at the time.ii) Breakage will be charged extra as per current charges etc. prevalent in the Club
23. Card Room
a The game of Bridge and rummy are the only games that may be played in the Club
b Any other game of cards which the Executive Committee of the club may permit to play for a specific* period
c The card stakes shall be applicable and decided by the Executive Committee from time to time.
i) Member shall in no case play stakes higher thanthose stated above
ii) The sitting in the above referred rules shall be construed to mean a period of not more than 3 hours;
iii) Five or less than five persons shall play 13 cards rummy with two packs of cards only but six or seven persons may play with three packs. In case of 21 cards rummy five or less members may play with three packs.
iv Not more than seven persons shall play rummy on one table. Those waiting to play shall have to demand a cut at the end of a round only;
V Guests may also play Bridge or Rummy at usual charges.

24. Billiards Room
i The Billiards room shall remain open during club hours. The restriction on timing may be relaxed by the Secretary during tournament days if so requested by the Billiards Sum-committee.
ii When the Billiards room is in use, any member who is present in the Club and is not playing at the table may secure the table at the end of the game for play for a single game of not more than half an hour for two and one hour for more than two writing his name or causing it to be written by the marker on the slate provided for this purpose in the room;
iii Such a member may also if he wishes to specify on the slate the time at which he wishes to book the table for play provided such time does not interfere with the game already in progress;
iv The member must be present in the billiards room at the completion of the game in progress, as otherwise he will forfeit his turn;
v When the table becomes available in the absence of a member whose name is entered first on the slate, it may be claimed by the member whose name stands second on the slate, and so on in rotation, the name of the absent members being erased from the slate by the marker. The players, in possession of the table, should they wish to play another game, have prior right to the table over the member who though present has not had his name entered on the state;
vi When the table for which one or more names have been entered on slate, has become disengaged, it is to be offered by the marker in rotation to the members whose names were entered on the slate, according to the priority of entry, provided they are present in the Billiards room;
vii A member wishing to play with the marker may not write his name of the slate;
viii Any member playing with the marker shall pay for the game whether he wins or loses;
ix The marker shall record on the slate the time of start of play whenever any member first occupies the table;
x Members shall pay for use of the table on per game basis or monthly basis at the rates prevalent at the time. All members shall record the game by signing in the register available before they leave the billiards room;
xi Guests may be permitted to play if members are not requiring the table, provided that the introducing member shall be responsible for payment of game fee and for any damage done to the table or fittings in the billiards room by the guest.
xii Any games likely to damage the table or accessories are strictly prohibited;
xiii members or guests shall not sit or lie on the table, smoke over it, place glasses or cigarettes or any other articles on the table;
xiv In any guest damages the cloth, the table or any accessories or fitting in the billiards room, the introducing member shall be charged an amount to be fixed by the Secretary in consultation with the Sports Committee.
xv In case of any dispute that may arise during play, the decision of the Marker shall be final;
xvi Stakes, winnings and losses shall be settled between players themselves;
xvii Silence shall be maintained in the billiards room while tables are in use.
25. Badminton
i A member of the club who has joined Table Tennis/Badminton may play by payment per game or on monthly basis at the prevalent rates at the time.
ii A non-member of the club may play as a guest provided he/she is introduced by a permanent member only. The introducing member is responsible for game fee and for entering the guests name in the club guest book.
iii Introduction of guests will be as per the provisions of section 21 of the constitution, iv) Temporary members will pay charges in advance
iv A member of the Executive Committee shall IPSO- FACTO cease to be a member of the Executive Committee for the following reason.
26. General
a Social shows and cultural programmes may be organized by the Executive Committee and distinguished writers, artistes, Qawals and singers may be invited to the Club to deliver lecture on specific and important subjects or to give performance of their talents as the case may be. Mushairas may be arranged and debates organized. These meetings shall be open to non-members also subject to the payment of entrance fee to be determined by Secretary who shall besides other things keep in view the likely response and estimated expenditure.

Relief measures may be taken in hand by collecting contributions and organizing entertainment events for benefit of victims of any natural Calamity


Club sports committee in the various games shall encourage amongst the members tournaments with other recognized clubs of the country. Sports sub­committees may fix hours during which members or their dependants may obtain coaching in any particular game;


The Club shall organize contributory dinners, lunches, at homes and other get-togethers, parties on such festivals as Diwali, Eid, Shivratri, Independence day, and Republic day or on any other occasion as decided by the Executive Committee.

27. Members' Servants The private servants, drivers and attendants of Members while they are present in club premises or compound shall not enter into the Club building and shall be subject to and forth-with obey all orders given to them by the Secretary or any person authorized by him on his behalf and it shall be the duty of the Members to instruct their servants and attendants accordingly.
28. Tambola Rules
i Tambola games may be played in the Club once in a week on the day and at the time as notified by the Secretary in consultation with the Tambola sub-committee
ii Tambola games will be open to the members of the Club, their families and the guests introduced by the permanent members.
iii Every guest introduced for playing the tambola must be otherwise eligible to become a member of the Club.
iv The members may bring their dependants children for tambola;
v The guest charges will be as prescribed by the executive Committee from time to time.
vi The game will be played if at least 25 persons are present in the hall otherwise it will be cancelled for that day.
vii The announcer will conduct the Tambola and his decision on all matters shall be final;
viii The denomination of tickets to be sold will be of the value of Rs.5 and above per ticket per house; however the announcer shall conduct the sale of the tickets according to the prize for the particular house;
ix The announcer will ensure that 20% of the total gross amount collected for a house is reserved for the Club expenditure;
x The amount of every snow ball prize will start with Rs.500/- under 45 counts and it will be increased by Rs.50/- every week till the snowball is claimed.
xi The Club cashier will maintain a separate account for the snow ball amount under Ledger head Snow Ball amount.

The announcer will have a free ticket for every house

29. General The club shall hold the following tournaments during the year:-
i) Handicap Billiards
ii) Open Billiards
iii) Handicap Snooker
iv) Open Snooker,
v) Badminton
vi) Bridge
vii) Table Tennis
viii) Chess.
30. The Health Zone Timings, General Rules ( I ) ENTRY The Health Club and Swimming Pool shall be available for use of members and their dependents only. Local guests cannot be entertained and only guests staying in the guest house or out station guests of permanent members shall be allowed on per visit payment basis.
31. Guest
i A permanent member of the club can entertain upto four guests at any one instance. However, such restriction shall not apply on special(occasions and club functions. Provided that the same person cannot be brought as guest to the club more than four times in a month.
ii The name of the guest shall be entered by the introducing member in the Guest Book kept at the Reception for such purpose.
iii The guest so introduced may be permitted to take part in the Club activities on payment of usual charges as may be fixed by the Executive Committee from time to time. The member introducing the guest shall be responsible and liable for all the liabilities incurred by his guest and for his conduct in the Club.
iv A person who is not eligible for membership of the club cannot be introduced as guest to the Club.
32. Dress During the club hours every member shall wear a well presentable dress such as trousers and shirt or suits with or without a necktie. On Sundays & Gazetted holidays white/light pastel coloured kurta-pyjama, salwar-kameez, will also be allowed. Thisdress restriction shall not apply to gentlemen who exclusively wear Khadi clothes and Indian dresses. T-shirts/Bush shirts with collar or High necks/ mock necks are allowed. Sikh gentlemen shall not be allowed if wearing Patka and only dependents below 21 years of age may wear Patka. Hawaii Chappals, Rubber/Plastic Slippers are not allowed. This dress code shall not apply in case of dependents who may wear casual clothes according to the prevailing fashion, provided they are otherwise decently dressed. Any members/guests violating the dress code shall be denied entry.
33. Sports Dress Gentlemen wearing sports gear shall have to change into a suitable dress before using other facilities of the Club.
34. Subscription, Admission Fees Development Charges The Executive Committee from time to time may prescribe & Admission fees, Subscription and Development charges for various categories of Membership, and determine the terms and conditions upon which the fees and Subscription specified in this constitution shall by payable. Until otherwise prescribed the Fees, Subscription and Development charges shall by payable as set out in Annexure 'B' provided under this Constitution or rules framed there under:
35. Power & Duties I. PRESIDENT: In addition to the powers conferred on him by any other provision of this Constitution, the President of the club shall also exercise the following powers
i He shall nominate the office bearers of the Executive Committee in the absence of their formal election in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.
ii He may call an extra ordinary General Body Meeting of the club with seven days notice in advance
iii If the president is of the opinion that decision of the Committee arrived at in his absence is likely to affect the character or endanger the stability of the club or is in any way injurious to its interests, he may suspend the resolution and ask the Committee to discuss it when he is present in the meeting.
iv The president shall preside over the meeting of the Annual General Body Meeting and extra-ordinary General Meeting of the club. If the President is not present, the Vice-President shall preside over the meetings. In absence of both the President and the Vice- president, the members of the Executive Committee may appoint any member from amongst themselves to preside over any such meeting.
v The president will be empowered to condone the period of limitation.
2. VICE PRESIDENT: In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall exercise all the powers of the President. 3. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The management and control of the club shall vest in the Executive Committee which shall be the governing body of the Club and which may exercise all such powers and do all such acts and things for the club by virt